Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get promotional stickers?

We now have promotional stickers available.  Please email us with your name and address, along with how you plan to display your King Pin sticker.


Can I get King Pin Anchor products repaired?

Our technicians can generally repair any King Pin Product, depending on the availability of parts.  Please send us an email describing what needs to be repaired, and consider including some pictures to help us troubleshoot your issue.  In some cases you will be just as well off simply ordering replacement parts from our Parts Shop

I have lost my installation/owner’s manual for my King Pin Anchor Product. Where can I get a replacement?

Please call our Customer Service Department to get replacement installation/owner’s manuals.


I need replacement parts that are not shown on the Part Shop of the website. Where can I get these?

Additional parts are available by calling or emailing Customer Service. While the parts shown on the Parts Shop of the website are the most likely parts needed for our products, all the parts available are not shown. Be prepared to provide which model you need parts for, and sending us pictures can be very helpful in ensuring that you get the proper parts


I need to have a component/part shipped overseas. Is this possible?

King Pin Anchor Products can ship overseas. You will need to email the Customer Service Department for shipping prices.